August 31, 2020 11:05 AM

Summary of ACT Wazalendo Manifesto

The ACT Wazalendo election manifesto for the 2020 General Elections is built around three key pillars:

1. Building a democratic nation that respects fundamental freedoms and a state that respects the human rights of its people;
2. Provision of essential social services with quality and efficiency;
3. Building an inclusive participatory economy.

These three pillars carry the promises through which the implementation thereof, we will build a Tanzania with a thriving economy and with people who are happy and satisfied come 2025. Some of these promises are as follows:

1. Freedom, Rights and Democracy: we will abolish all repressive laws that deny Tanzanians their rights and freedoms. We will establish a commission of judges, led by a retired Appeal Court Judge, to investigate all incidences of abductions, killings, disappearances, and will wipe clean the records of all those who will be found innocent by the commission. We will increase the salaries of all public servants and pay arrears of the past five years, pay benefits to all public servants who were removed from their posts for ‘fake certificates’, and will improve the Civil Service Act in order to protect the professionalism of civil servants.

2. Accountability: we will strengthen accountability institutions such as the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (NAOT), the Prevention and Control of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), and the Public Ethics Secretariat, by giving them increased freedom and ensuring that the appointment of the leaders of those institutions goes through parliament. The Police Force will undergo significant transformation including from being ‘the Tanzania Police Force’ to becoming ‘the Tanzania Police Service’.

3. A New Constitution: we will revive the process of developing a new constitution. The new constitution will improve the structure of a three-tier union to ensure that it is a union based on equality, justice, and mutual respect. Constitutionally, Tanzanians will have the right to dual citizenship.

4. Education: we will cancel all previous loans that were granted to students in tertiary education and will start a new system for the government to support the tuition costs of all Tanzanians who have qualified for tertiary education and vocational training.

5. Health: we will start a social security scheme that will ensure that all Tanzanians will have social security provided, through the government contributing 30% of contributions of informal sector workers; and through amending the National Health Insurance Fund to integrate it into the social security scheme, so that every Tanzanian who contributes to a social security scheme will have immediate access to health services.

6. Water: we will finish once and for all with the challenges to access to clean and safe water especially for rural Tanzanians who pay more for their water than those in urban areas, by investing TZS 10 Trillion over five years which will be raised through a specific water levy on petrol.

7. Agriculture, Fishing and Livestock: we will make the agricultural sector the leading sector in poverty reduction and growth of the people’s economy by- implementing a revolutionary agriculture through Community Wealth Building; starting a social security scheme for farmers, fisherpeople, and livestock-keepers; linking the sector to the industrial sector; overseeing the building of five large dams that will help prevent flooding; and building a large irrigation schemes that will cover 1,000,000 hectares in total. The aim is to achieve agricultural sector growth of 8-10% on average between 2022 and 2025 and to create 5,000,000 jobs in agricultural value chains.

8. Private Sector, Investment and Business: we will create an enabling environment for businesses by developing laws and policies that are predictable, reliable, and supportive of the private sector. We will increase foreign investment and broaden the tax base in order to increase revenue. We will decrease taxes and levies that are harmful to businesses and employers, for example by decreasing SDL to 2%, social security contribution to 12%. We will respect investment contracts. Our aim is to attract investment to the country to the sum of USD 8 Billion per year from 2022-2025, and to create 2,000,000 new jobs in the formal sector. Firm steps will be taken to amend tax laws within the tourism sector which has been impacted negatively by the COVID19 pandemic, in order to return it to normal and reach the target of 5,000,000 tourists by 2023.

9. Strategic Projects: we will deliver on seven strategic projects, including: the Mchuchuma and Liganga Iron Ore Project; the Kabanga Nickel Project; the Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone Project; and the Lindi LNG Plant Project. We will involve the private sector in finalizing all ongoing projects such as the Central Railway Line and the revival of the national airlines, in order to increase economic activity, to link development projects to other sectors of the economy, and to increase foreign exchange, jobs and FDI.

10. Sports, Art and Innovation: we will improve the working environment for the informal sector by providing loans through the social security funds for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We will advance sports nationally by establishing a National Stadiums Agency, providing tax exemption for businesses that invest in sports, and establishing sports academies. The government will finance a National Tournament for all regional teams across Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, starting with football and progressing to other sports as well. Through state agencies, we will build five arenas for art and entertainment. Our aim is to create 3,000,000 jobs in the informal sector and to formalize them through the social security funds.

11. International Relations: we will bring back respect for Tanzania in the international community by providing leadership in SADC, reengaging with OGP, and supporting Zanzibar to become a member of FIFA and other international bodies on non-union issues, e.g. the WHO.

ACT Wazalendo will build a Tanzania with a thriving economy and happy people.

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