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Statement by ACT Wazalendo's Foreign Affairs Department, on Uganda 2021 General Election:

On January 13, 2021 we released a statement concerning the alarming situation regarding the general elections in Uganda that was going to take place on the next day of 14th January 2021.

In our statement we showed our genuine concerns in regard to series of violations, attacks and brutal force applied by the State apparatus during the course of campaign period against the opposition candidates and their political parties. We condemned those assaults by the Police and other security agencies against the media fraternity, lawyers and human rights activists.

We called for authorities in Uganda as well as regional and international key stake holders: EAC, SADC, AU and the UN to take considerable and accountable actions to prevent Uganda from entering into chaos.

Our dissatisfactory stand on the state of affairs on the Uganda General Elections, was due to a series of recorded incidents and actions that basically drove to a conclusion facts of a disintegrated major and fundamental principles of democracy.

It is our deepest regret that what happened in Uganda was nothing new or better, rather a sort of election abuse: a mere replica of what Tanzania under President John Pombe Magufuli's administration applied in October 2020 General Elections both in Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland.

As we write today, it is more than a week (nine days) Mr. Robert Kyagulani (Bobi Wine) the main rival of President Mseveni is held under home arrest- not allowed to meet anyone from outside his house since the election day.

Bobi Wine's freedom and rights are infringed. They deliberately locked him inside so as to stop and discourage him from accessing necessary steps and legal actions against irregularities and incredibility of election.
That is unacceptable conduct of fundamental freedoms and human rights we are obliged to condemn and we strongly condemn the same.

ACT Wazalendo stands and fights for freedom and democratic ideals. We work hard to ensure that fundamental freedoms and democracy have a chance to thrive within our party, within our country, within East African region and within African continent at large.

It is our true fear that democracy in our East African region is being tainted and we need to stand up and resist this to become a disease in our region.

With this regard, we once again call for authorities to take immediate actions to ensure justice and freedom in Uganda. Any continuing harassment of political actors and civil societies should be stopped. Security services must act with restraint and ensure that any violation are impartially investigated and those responsible held into account.

Despite unjust and intensive oppression the opposition faced in that election, there are considerable number of seats yielded by the opposition. The National Unity Platform, Wine's Party for instance, won 56 Parliamentary seats. We hope and pray that the NUP will take its rightful position to effect changes in Uganda and as well make impact on regional body the East African Legislative Assembly EALA.

We would like to re-state our previous call, that only justice can ensure peace and harmony. Let everyone be committed to justice.

Issued by:
Foreign Affairs Department,
ACT Wazalendo.
23rd January, 2021.

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