Yesterday, February 27, 2022, thugs of the ruling Zanu PF party of Zimbabwe stormed into a campaign rally of the Opposition Citizen's Coalition for Change (CCC Zimbabwe) and brutally attacked the party's supporters with machetes, iron bars, spears, and other hazardous tools.

The incident took place at Mbizo in Kwekwe, during when the CCC President Nelson Chamisa was on stage addressing his campaign speech to the citizens who rallied to listen them. In the incident, we are informed, one person lost his life and 17 others were seriously injured and hospitalized.

Similar incidents like this, have been recurring and often led by Zanu PF thugs against the opposition CCC Zimbabwe.

We are aware that the incident took place just two days before incitement was issued from one of Zanu PF's senior leaders who was heard saying 'they will crush members of the CCC like lice', a statement that has not been denied.

We are persuaded to believe that attacks on CCC leaders, members and supporters are a deliberately vicious strategy with all the blessings from Zanu PF.

However, in spite of all the humiliation they have been subjected to, CCC supporters have always remained calm and civilized avoiding violent ways in running their politics even when they are provoked and oppressed to the maximum.

We believe that it is their calmness that has led to preserve Zimbabwe's peace and keep Zimbabweans from political turmoil, as with the large amount of support and influence they have from the community of Zimbabwe, if they decided to take action to retaliate and take revenge, there would be catastrophic consequences.

We commend our friends and colleagues, the CCC for their bearable resilience.

ACT Wazalendo strongly condemns and oppose the use of violence perpetrated by the Zanu PF Party.

In addition, we extend our deepest condolences to the President of the CCC Hon. Nelson Chamisa and all members of the CCC for the pain they are passed through. We urge them not to back down as Zimbabwe's victory and liberation is imminent.

Violence are not acceptable in countries that follow the principles of Democracy and Human Rights such as Zimbabwe. It is against both local and international laws and customs of democracy.

There are acts only committed by people or a Party that has lost its power of political influence to the people. It is a shameful act and an acceptable.

It is a heinous crime that should not be allowed to continue. It is our hope that responsible authorities will take immediate action to arrest all those involved in the violence and take legal action.

We call on the leaders of the SADC member states to warn President Emerson Mnangagwa to demand him immediately stop political violence in a country governed by a constitutional democracy.

We also call on the International Community and Organizations for the Protection and Advocacy of Democracy and Human Rights in Africa and the World, to take a closer look at Zanu PF's human rights abuses against the CCC and to take strong action against the party and its perpetrators.

Africa deserves clean politics, argumentative politics, competitive politics, and civilized politics. Parties and groups of parties that have lost political legitimacy should not be allowed to be a source of violence in our countries. Zanu PF should immediately held accountable for those crimes they committed.

Issued by:

Fatma A. Ferej
Head of Foreign Affairs Department,
ACT Wazalendo.
February 28, 2022.

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