October 28, 2020 12:04 AM

ACT Wazalendo Briefing Election 2020: 27 October 2020

This note serves as an updated briefing note for interested parties following the Tanzania and Zanzibar General Election 2020. 

This note details reports received ahead of and during the advance voting day that took place in Zanzibar today (27 October 2020).  Reports are as follows:

  1. Last night (26 October 2020), at least eight citizens were shot dead by the police using live ammunition in Pemba, Zanzibar. Ten further citizens were injured. The army had been distributing ballot boxes at polling stations designated for advance voting. Citizens in areas surrounding the polling stations claimed that these boxes contained ballots already pre-marked. They accordingly sought to prevent these ballot boxes from being transferred to the polling stations. Police commenced teargassing of the citizens in an attempt to disperse the crowds. When this proved unsuccessful, they resorted to live ammunition.
  2. This morning, Zanzibar Presidential Candidate Seif Sharif Hamad was arrested and taken to Ziwani Police Headquarters in Zanzibar. He was apprehended at the Mtoni Garagara polling station where he went to vote as advance voting commenced this morning. He has subsequently been released.
  3. Last night, an ACT Wazalendo member from Bwejuu, Unguja South District, Ameir Ameir Soud was abducted from his house by the Zanzibar Special Security Forces. His whereabouts are still unknown.
  4. In Chaake Chaake in Pemba, all designated 7 polling stations have been replaced by a new one at Timbirinzi Recreational Center. Only 4 party agents were allowed in out of 14. Reconciliation of voting ballots was not carried out and a list of voters not provided.
  5. Police in Stone Town reportedly damaged people’s houses and beat people, especially in the Vikokotoni and Mtendeni areas.
  6. 11 members of ACT Wazalendo from Unguja Northern Region were seriously injured after being shot with live ammunition by the police. One person has subsequently died. His name is Omar Juma Mohamed from the Mwembe Makumbi area.
  7. An ACT Wazalendo polling agent at Makadara polling centre was removed from the centre and was arrested and taken away by the police.
  8. In Nungwi, party agents at Bwereu and Kidoti polling centers have also been removed.
  9. ACT Wazalendo candidate for the House of Representatives seat for Shaurimoyo constituency in Unguja, Adam Abdalla Boi, and a lawyer, Masoud Faki Masoud, have been arrested by the police while observing the voting process this afternoon. Also arrested was ACT Wazalendo Constituency Supervisor, Amour Haji Hamad.
  10. ZEC Polling Clerks (PCs) and Polling Officers (POs) have told ACT Wazalendo polling agents that they will not be allowed to stay with the ballot boxes overnight. This will prevent scrutiny of whether or not the ballot boxes will be stocked with extra illegal votes.
  11. ACT Wazalendo polling agent at Kiponda polling station, Malindi Constituency, Harith Ali Mohammed, was removed by the ZEC Polling Clerk.
  12. ACT Wazalendo polling agent at Mlandege polling station, Malindi Constituency, Farid Sabri, was removed by the ZEC Polling Clerk.
  13. ACT Wazalendo polling agent at Mkunazini polling station, Malindi Constituency, Suleman Juma Khamis, was removed by the ZEC Polling Clerk.
  14. Almost all ACT Wazalendo polling agents that were accredited were given their IDs at around 10 am, 3 hours after polling stations were supposed to have opened. Those from CCM were issued with their IDs on Saturday.
  15. There are still many polling stations that will be without ACT Wazalendo polling agents after they were denied IDs accrediting them as polling agents.
  16. Ten people were seriously injured by live ammunition in Ziwani constituency, Pemba:
    1) Saleh Mohamed Saleh
    2) Yussuf Ali Hamad
    3) Bakar Muhidin Hamad
    4) Assaa Hamad Juma
    5) Mohamed Juma Mohd
    6) Is-hak Ruweh Abdalla
    7) Adam Seif Rashid
    8) Massoud Malik
    9) Said Seif Yussuf
    10) Khamis Hamad Khamis
  17. ACT Wazalendo polling agents were not allowed in at Kidanzini polling station in Bumbwini Constituency.
  18. Polling agents of the Chauma Party (a party which has endorsed Maalim Seif) were denied entry initially at Shaurimoyo Constituency and had no chance to see whether the ballot box was empty prior to voting. No voting list was provided.
  19. In Chumbuni Constituency, ACT polling agents were only allowed in after voting started so were not able to confirm that the ballot box was empty prior to voting starting.
  20. In Chumbuni constituency, ACT Wazalendo member Omar Juma Omar was injured by live ammunition.
  21. Zanzibar Special Security Forces have ambushed Nungwi constituency in the North of Unguja. They demolished the local ACT Wazalendo branch, tore down flags and ordered all shops to close down.
  22. At Mfenesini Constituency in Unguja, two Chauma Party agents were thrown out for having identified a double voter from Zanzibar Special Security Forces.
  23. In Chwaka Constituency, polling agents were forcibly ejected around 1pm.
  24. Fatma Ali Bigida, a female of 48 living in Gando constituency, Pemba has been shot in the shoulder by live ammunition.
  25. In Tumbatu Constituency, multiple voting was identified where certain Police Officers voted more than once.
  26. In Tumbe Constituency, Pemba, Police refused to allow Red Cross to offer support to injured citizens.
  27. At Jangowe Polling Centre, although only 18 people were registered by ZEC as special voters, more were allowed to vote.
  28. Throttling of social media platforms including Whats App and Twitter continues.

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